The Wikinomics Playbook:
A Peer-Produced Guide to Business in the 21st Century

Wikinomics has 11 chapters, but only ten have yet been written. Chapter 11, The Wikinomics Playbook, will be written by you: a community of readers and experts like yourself who will share ideas about how to embed key Wikinomics concepts and principles in 21st century organizations and business enterprises.

Like Wikipedia, The Wikinomics Playbook will run a wiki: a revolutionary piece of software that enables anyone (including relative novices) to collaboratively edit the content of a Web page. Whether you're a world renown expert in your field or an aspiring business school student you'll have the opportunity to help write the definitive guide to strategy and value creation in the new era of mass collaboration.


Forget YouTube -- PikSpot Rocks!

Here, a collaborative community of readers and experts like yourself will gather in a rich, multi-media environment to share thoughts, concepts and ideas about Wikinomics. Launching soon. Check back here for updates.

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The Wikinomics Playbook wiki will launch in January 2007 following the release of the book. Anyone can browse the wiki, but users who would like to contribute content will need a user account.

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