About the Authors

Don Tapscott

Don TapscottDon Tapscott is an internationally renowned authority, writer, consultant and speaker regarding the strategic impact of information technology on innovation, marketing and talent. He has authored or co-authored eleven widely read books on technology in business and society. Don sold his company New Paradigm in 2007 to nGenera where he is Chairman of the nGenera Innovation Network. He is Adjunct Professor of Management at the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

His upcoming book Grown Up Digital; How the Net Generation is Changing the World (October 2008) is the sequel to his landmark 1997 book Growing Up Digital. He has authored several of the defining business books of the last decades including Paradigm Shift (1992), The Digital Economy (1995), Digital Capital (2000), Naked Corporation, (2002) and Wikinomics (2006). An enthralling, brilliant and inspiring orator, Don is often described by customers as the most effective speaker they have ever had.

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Anthony D. Williams

Anthony Williams, Co-authorAnthony D. Williams is an author, sought-after speaker and avid researcher with over a decade of experience examining the impact of new technologies on social and economic life. His work has been featured in Business Week, the Globe and Mail and the Times of India and and his advice sought by fortune 500 firms and international institutions, including the World Bank.

Anthony is Vice President and Executive Editor at nGenera Insight where he is currently leading a global investigation into the impact of web 2.0 and wikinomics on the future government and democracy. Other similar studies include a global effort to understand how transparency is revolutionizing business and a $9 million dollar study on information technology and competitive advantage. Among other topics, he has authored numerous influential reports on technology, strategy, innovation and intellectual property. Anthony holds a Masters in Research from the London School of Economics and is a PhD candidate in the Department of Government.

Find out more about Anthony D. Williams at: http://anthonydwilliams.com.