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"No company today, no matter how large or how global, can innovate fast enough or big enough by itself. Collaboration – externally with consumers and customers, suppliers and business partners, and internally across business and organization boundaries – is critical. Wikinomics reveals the next historic step – the art and science of mass collaboration where companies open up to the world. It is an important book."

- A. G. Lafley, CEO, Procter & Gamble

"A deeply profound and hopeful book. Wikinomics provides compelling evidence that the emerging 'creative commons' can be a boon, not a threat to business. Every CEO should read this book and heed its wise counsel if they want to succeed in the emerging global economy."

- Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

"Not only a superb book, but an essential one for anyone who wants to understand the major forces that will revolutionize the way organizations perform and the way they are led."

- Warren Bennis, Dist. Professor of Management, University of Southern California, and author, On Becoming a Leader

"Wikinomics illuminates the truth we are seeing in markets around the globe. The more you share, the more you win. Wikinomics sheds light on the many faces of business collaboration and presents a powerful new strategy for business leaders in a world where customers, employees, and low-cost producers are seizing control."

- Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman and CEO, OgilvyOne Worldwide

"One of the most profound shifts transforming business and society in the early 21st century is the rapid emergence of open, collaborative innovation models. Wikinomics captures and explains this in a way that demands the immediate attention of every business, academic and government leader who is interested in driving change."

- Nick Donofrio, EVP of Innovation and Technology, IBM Corporation

"Wikinomics explains that the Net is no longer just abut Web sites – it's changing innovation, the corporation, and every industry. Business Executives who want to be able to stay competitive in the future should read this compelling and excellently written book."

- Tiffany Olson, President and CEO, Roche Diagnostics Corporation, North America

"In an era of globalization in every industry, collaboration is more important than ever. Tapscott and Wiliams have found a way to help companies gain efficiencies by revealing a unique blend of peer interaction, creative modeling and collaboration, or as they call it – Wikinomics."

- Ann M. Purr, FLMI, CSP, PCS, Second Vice President of Information Management, LOMA

"I love this book. How counter-intuitive is it that openness, peering, sharing, and acting globally would become key to corporate competitiveness, growth and profit? Mass collaboration is the most disruptive development in business in a long time. Consider Wikinomics your survival kit."

- Ross Mayfield, CEO, Socialtext

"Wikinomics highlights a sea change in business today. Customers have more knowledge and power, corporate boundaries are becoming more porous, and people can now collaborate on a scale previously unthinkable. The consequences will be significant if businesses fail to recognize these shifts or, more importantly, find ways to capitalize on them. Wikinomics will help you understand the changes, why they should be good news for businesses, and how to win in this new world."

- Gord Nixon, President, CEO, and Director, Royal Bank of Canada

"A MapQuest-like guide to the future of the business to consumer relationship. This book should be invaluable to any manager – helping us chart our way in an increasingly digital world."

- Tony Scott, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, The Walt Disney Company

"After the crash of the dotcoms many business leaders breathed a sigh of relief that their traditional business model was safe. Wikinomics shows how such complacency is foolish. Fueled by the global adoption of the Internet, which has enabled new forms of collaboration and spawned new types of communities, we are entering a second bigger wave of the Internet age. What an insightful analysis of the business upheaval we are facing!"

- Steven L. Sheinheit, EVP & Chief Information Officer, MetLife

"Wikinomics heralds the biggest change in collaboration to date. Thanks to the Internet, masses of people outside the boundaries of traditional hierarchies can innovate to produce content, goods and services. In order to understand the opportunities this presents for companies, read this book.

- Eric Schmidt, CEO Google

"An extraordinary book. Tapscott and his team continuously break new ground, with insights and revelations that undoubtedly will define our marketplace and the organizational ethos of the future. Forward thinking leaders need to understand what this book offers. It was highly meaningful learning for me."

- Michael H. McCain, CEO, Maple Leaf Foods

"Knowledge creation happens in social networks where people learn and teach each other. Wikinomics shows where this phenomenon is headed when turbo charged to engage the ideas and energy of customers, suppliers, producers in mass collaboration. It's a must-read for those who want a map of where the world is headed."

- Noel Tichy, Professor, University of Michigan and author of CYCLE OF LEADERSHIP.

"Wiknomics captures and explains the essential nature of the next generation of the Internet -- how collaboration and communication technologies are democratizing the creation of value. An insightful, engaging and very important book."

- John Chambers, President and CEO Cisco Systems