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Business - Written by on Wednesday, July 8, 2009 0:25 - 6 Comments

A 2.0 Tribute to the King of Pop


With the recent unfortunate loss of who some are saying was the greatest entertainer of all time, I have been intrigued by the outpouring of displays honouring the life of Michael Jackson.

When a colleague turned me onto the site Eternal Moonwalk earlier today, I was impressed not only by its creativity and mission, but importantly by its global reach and age range of collaborators.  The project was set up by a Belgian radio station, Studio Brussel, to encourage people from all walks of life to upload their own 10-second version of Jackson’s signature Moonwalk.  Submitted videos are aggregated and spliced together to form a continuously flowing Eternal Moonwalk.

In true 2.0 fashion, the project empowers fans to share their favourite uploaded Moonwalk video on any number of social platforms and capitalizes on the most popular web content for its “how-to” Moonwalk video from YouTube.

Snippets of different users’ uploads, and even their rehearsal videos, are now also popping up on the video sharing site.

Among the 000s of videos uploaded so far, there have been solo Moonwalks, group Moonwalks, corporate Moonwalks, Lego Moonwalks, cat Moonwalks, ballet Moonwalks, video game Moonwalks…Well, you get the idea.

Beyond the tribute, what I find quite fascinating about the eternal video are the tiny snippets of insight into people’s homes, workplaces and even into their wildly diverse personalities. While certainly not all contributors are doing so to honour Jackson (some are just enjoying the spotlight), I appreciate that the project allows people to reflect in their own tiny, yet symbolic way. Some videos are subdued, but most are quite happy and in sum, they demonstrate that Jackson impacted many people’s lives in his short 50 years.

The distance walked in each video is recorded and at about 2 metres/dance, I hope we reach the moon before gravity catches up and slows the project’s momentum. (That would be about 384,403 km, or 192,201,500 walkers.)


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Web Media Daily – July 8, 2009 | Reinventing Yourself...
Jul 8, 2009 7:58

[...] A 2.0 Tribute to the King of Pop… Wikinomics [...]

Adam Clarke
Jul 9, 2009 12:09

Truly amazing. An extension of ‘Where the Hell is Matt’ perhaps?

I was eager to see what online tributes would arise following the untimely death of Michael Jackson. This minimalist concept allows for true collaboration and will do more than words.

A great initiative – sure to appeal. I’d bet we’ll get to the moon with it. Unfortunately, I can’t dance to save my bacon so don’t expect to see me there anytime soon!

Jul 10, 2009 18:51

I’ve uploaded mine about 10 hours ago and it’s still not appearing I wonder if they are not being overwhelmed with the response they are getting. Great example of a horizontal site!

Feb 5, 2010 1:47

Ben was my favorite Michael Jackson song and i kind of miss the King of Pop now that he is forever gone. I still have my collection of michael jackson cassetes in the old days..

Sheila May
Feb 22, 2010 3:52

Michael Jackson would always be the King of Pop… He is one of the greatest figures in the pop music industry and we will never forget about him

Freddie Cook
May 3, 2010 14:28

i will really miss the King of Pop. michael jackson is truly the best pop artist in this lifetime.’`”

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