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Business - Written by on Friday, May 22, 2009 13:06 - 3 Comments

Creating the eight year old brand evangelist

I recently stumbled upon a series of training workshops, for which I would have been very eager to sign up, only to find out that I was some 20 years too old to register.

Widely recognized for creating some of the most brand loyal customers around, Apple has designed an overwhelmingly popular in-store summer camp targeted at 8 – 12 year old children.  The camp features a series of four different workshops: Movies, Music, Photos, and Presentations.  Each is designed to give children exposure to Apple’s hardware and software suite.


While certainly not as exciting as the dinosaur camp that I attended in my childhood, I think that Apple is really onto something here, and all kidding aside, I know many adults  who could benefit from similar workshops.  Here is the ad for the Presentation Workshop: 


Replace kids with employees or executives and school with work and think about how many people you know who should probably be first in line for this workshop.

These sessions are being offered at all U.S. Apple retail locations free of charge and all technology required is to be supplied by Apple (unless you’d like to bring your own gear).  Of note is that if you’re looking to sign your litte one up, you’d better hurry as many sessions are already filling waiting lists and some have been closed for registration due to oversubscription.

I think this is an interesting example of industry creatively stepping in (albeit for self-motivated purposes and on a tiny scale) to help provide training in skill sets that our school systems may not be able to immediately address – advancing the technological skills and comfort level of some of our youngest scholars.

What’s your take on Apple’s attempt to create a little army of I’m a Mac evangelists?  Creative marketing combined with valuable skills training or targeting a market too young for comfort?


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Jude Fiorillo
May 22, 2009 13:26

This is a great idea! What a great way to teach kids useful skills while also being something fun that they can get excited about. Really smart move by Apple, I wonder what little Johnny is going to ask mom and dad for Christmas… this year, next year, and the many years after that. Mac users tend to be very brand loyal, and I suspect that if Apple converts people from PCs at a young age, the company may have a good technique for developing a new generation of Apple fans.

May 23, 2009 20:51

This is one of many initiatives Apple has pushed at kids, sponsoring software and hardware for schools, bonus offers for teachers, that sort of stuff. It’s been happening for years. Microsoft have done their share of it as well, everyone recognises the advantage of teaching kids to use their specific toolset because that becomes the “standard” of the next generation.

Cisco have worked the higher education angle, making their cisco-specific training part of general computer courses at the tertiary level (and getting cozy with the university admin in the process).

It’s great for companies to be putting money into education; the only thing to remember is the importance of teaching general principles first and specific applications second. A student with good grounding in the general theory can very rapidly adapt to specifics (and adapt once again when technology inevitably moves on), but a student with lots of specific knowledge and no theoretical framework to hang that one just gets confused when confronted with anything new or different.

Ian Da Silva
May 25, 2009 13:14

Tel – You’re quite right about the power of creating a “standard” for the next gen.
I am a devoted Mac user, largely due to the early exposure I had to the Mac LC III that was acquired using a Board of Education discount.

I also share your concern about teaching principles vs. applications. I am hoping that Apple Camp will highlight the power of the technological platform as much as it does the power of the iWork Suite (which likely won’t even be the suite most use in work/school environments with the ubiquity of Office). Here’s to hoping Apple maintains a strong balance between relevant education and standard-developing “marketing”.

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