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Business - Written by on Friday, May 1, 2009 15:16 - 1 Comment

GovLoop, the “Facebook for Feds,” Reaches 10,000 Users in Less Than a Year

We are pleased that our colleague Steve Ressler let us know that Govloop has passed the 10,000 user mark. We’re proud to have identified Steve as a great leader of social media within the public sector.  Fed up with the silos that existed across government agencies, including artificial barriers between levels of government, rank and age, Ressler believed there had to be a better way to share information, so he launched GovLoop.com in June 2008.

A revolution is happening in government as the result of a new generation of government employees, the rise of Web 2.0 technologies, and the Obama administration’s focus on transparency, participation, and collaboration. This revolution is often called “Government 2.0” and GovLoop is at the center of this movement.

Since its launch, GovLoop members have written over 1,500 blogs, started 1,200 discussions, posted over 450 events, shared 4,000+ photos and created over 200 videos.

GovLoop members have already:
• Developed a burgeoning “Acquisition 2.0” movement to employ innovative acquisition methods
• Been the leading source of government input into the Obama Administration’s Open Government Memo
• Established a repository of best practices on items including Social Media Policies, Government Hiring and Government Twitter Use
• Launched a top-rated podcast “Gov 2.0 Radio” (http://gov20radio.com) with guests like Tim O’Reilly (founder of O’Reilly media, http://oreilly.com) and Craig Newmark (founder of Craig’s List, http://craigslist.com)
• Helped GovLoop.com win the prestigious Federal 100 award and stand as a finalist for the 2009 ACT Intergovernmental Solutions Award

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Jun 15, 2009 0:28

Wow! The facebook mechanics have invaded even the feds! Zuckerberg’s idea behind the Facebook hit is really a great help to every one on the globe right? It may not be his original idea (have you read about the infringement issue against Zuckerberg’s TheFacebook), but hey! Zuckerberg deserves his due for making the idea go across the globe!

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