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Business - Written by on Monday, April 27, 2009 21:23 - 2 Comments

It’s not you…it’s twitter

I’ve been absent from the Wikinomics blog lately, and apologize. Like many bloggers, I’ve spent most of my time on twitter. It’s more immediate and the  forced brevity encourages volume.

It forces some attention grabbing too (follow me @doverd4s).

Anyway, here are some interesting things I’ve tweeted about:

Mass collaboration picked up some old school corner-cutting in Disney films.

If you haven’t seen Auto Tune, check out this video (scroll down).

Good article about old media and a sense of entitlement.

And…I promise to be around more.


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Wikinomics» Blog Archive » Researching Government 2.0 on Twitter
May 1, 2009 14:36

[...] It’s not you…it’s twitter [...]

Jenn Durley
May 1, 2009 14:49

Whew! I thought it was me.

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