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Business - Written by on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 13:02 - 2 Comments

Justice for Twitter, please

Let’s face it – the mainstream media coverage that Twitter gets is as relevant (and as frequent) as those annoying Tweets from that co-worker who updates his Twitter status every, say, 3 minutes in order to tell the world what, for example, he had for lunch.


If what you’ve heard about Twitter is characterized by headlines like, “Ashton Kutcher challenges CNN to Twitter popularity contest,” I can understand why you’re either tired of hearing about Twitter or simply don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

This article from Ad Age is completely refreshing and intringuing. It reminds us that Twitter is useful for more than simply learning about what Paris Hilton has been doing while on vacation. From reading the article, I am reminded that few people, let alone companies, have been able to see Twitter for its full business potential.

The article describes how Organic Inc. (a leading digital communications agency) has harnessed Twitter as a powerful business tool. At Organic Inc., social networks like Twitter are a critical peice of the company’s recruitment strategy. Around 75% of their online recruitment relies on social networks. More importantly, they are already seeing positive results after about 9 months of increased social network recruitment.

Given that mainstream media has pelted its subscribers with stories that don’t do justice to Twitter’s potential to be more than just a (insert generic, insulting characterization of Twitter here), stories like Ad Age’s look into Organic Inc.’s use of Twitter deserve more of our attention.


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May 9, 2009 18:05

Hi, I am following you on Twitter!

Twitter is fun and enjoyable. I actually join in Ashton because I find his idea cool. I also follow other celebrities and other bloggers, like yourself :) I like Twitter because it’s another way to discove other people blogs and new stuff.

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