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Business - Written by on Monday, March 30, 2009 9:41 - 2 Comments

Online comments and the world’s smallest violin

Mr. Pink, Steve Buscemi’s character in Reservoir Dogs has many memorable lines, not all of which would make it by our stringent blog manager. In the opening scene, he explains to the other gangsters that he doesn’t feel compelled to tip waitresses, dismissing their plight while rubbing his fingers together… “You know what this is? It’s the world’s smallest violin playing just for the waitresses.”


The readers of the New York Times had a similar reaction to Jake DeSantis, a VP of AIG that provided his resignation letter as an op-ed piece. Now, the letter is well-written and some of his arguments are compelling — basic message is “a deal’s a deal and staff not responsible for the meltdown are being unfairly unpunished.”

The Times editors closed the comments section after accepting 917 entries. I think Mr. DeSantis was suprised that almost all of the commenters pretty much said “don`t let the door hit you on the way out.“ The few that were supportive, tending to agree on the macro level that the government shouldn`t get involved.

The public resignation letter, intended presumably to put a human face on those AIG staffers that were hurt by the meltdown instead fueled a mass collaboration of Mr. Pink sentiment.


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Mar 30, 2009 19:46

“…unfairly unpunished…”???

Apr 2, 2009 21:41

Right you are, a deal is a deal and government money should be strictly reserved for community projects, not for feeding to private enterprise. If AIG can’t keep itself solvent all on its own, then the correct place for staff to be discussing entitlements is bankruptcy court. If big government would learn not to lick the boots of big business, then the unpleasantness would be out the way, quick and clean and the rest of the economy could get back to work, we have a working system to handle this, let the system do the job it was designed to do.

Seems that gradually people are getting a bit upset with the “privatize the profit, socialize the loss” methodology where the real sucker is the taxpayer.

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