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Business - Written by on Monday, March 2, 2009 9:49 - 3 Comments

Aerosmith makes more money on Guitar Hero game than any individual album.

We’ve posted before about Guitar Hero; see here, here and here.

Our friend Mathew Ingram pointed out this article that describes how Guitar Hero releases are a bright light in an otherwise dismal music industry. Aerosmith has made more money from the GH sequel than from any individual album release.

From the article:

[Aerosmith's success]… unscores a number of really interesting points. First off, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is nothing more than a “greatest hits” montage for the band, with a bunch of indy band songs sprinkled in for variety. Putting out the game cost Aerosmith nothing more than their signature, agreeing to allow Activision to use their music. Secondly, it proves the consumer is still interested in paying for music. They just don’t want to buy CDs or single tracks anymore. They want interactivity, add-ons, special content and video games. According Microsoft gaming chief Robbie Bach, more than 60 million tracks were downloaded for Rockband, Guitar Hero and Lips over Xbox Live in 2008.


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Alex Marshall
Mar 2, 2009 11:26

I bought Aerosmith guitar hero a while ago (it was bundled with a guitar at a price that wasn’t much more expensive than buying a single guitar on its own).

What strikes me about this is that I didn’t find this game it to be all that impressive (and my friends who played it also found that the song selection left a lot to be desired). We all talked about other bands we’d like to see release GH versions (and we’d pay for them).

If an unimpressive GH version from a band that doesn’t necessarily speak to young GH players (compared to newer bands) can make that much money, just think about how successful other bands could be with this model.

Boogie Guy
Oct 7, 2010 13:31

Those guys are master marketers. And while the Aerosmith guitar hero pack is relatively easy, it’s fun and they’re making a damn killing from it. More power too them.

Vision Guitars
Oct 13, 2010 11:36

It seems such a shame when one of the biggest bands in the world can make more money from a game than for making their own music, then again goon on them and why shouldnt they cash in on Guitar Hero, everyone else would!

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