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Government - Written by on Sunday, January 11, 2009 21:10 - 3 Comments

Naumi Haque
Deptford’s where it’s at… who knew?

This is actually an old story, but I just happened upon it today, so I thought I’d share. MySociety.org has some really cool interactive maps that allow users to easily interpret things like travel times and commuting options. According to the Web site, “This mapping work was very important because it provides a potentially revolutionary new way of working out the best place for people to live and work.” Add this type of mapping technology to public knowledge initiatives and I think you could build some really powerful tools.

The map below shows overlapping data of commuting times and housing prices. In terms of affordable places to live within an hour’s drive of central London, looks like Deptford’s the place to be. Check out some more examples here.


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Jan 11, 2009 21:23

Uh…Deptford… there’s a reason it’s so cheap! That said, it’s market was ranked the most diverse in all of London. Perhaps gentrification is on the way!

Naumi Haque
Jan 11, 2009 21:25

Haha… thanks for the local insights DH.

Jan 11, 2009 22:31

And to add to my local insights (my favourite restaurant is right next door to Deptford Bridge)… this is a perfect complement to the work Neighborhood Knowledge Los Angeles started doing years ago in mapping socio-economic data to find trouble spots, areas that were in need of investment, etc. Except this flips the negative (depressed housing) and finds the positive (potential value). What a great tool!

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