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Entertainment - Written by on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 9:23 - 5 Comments

Naumi Haque
Multi-channel self-marketing at its best

Here’s an interesting story I read about over the weekend that 1) illustrates how Web 2.0 is changing the music industry for young people and 2) exemplifies just how powerful a multi-channel marketing approach can be – particularly for marketing one’s self. Country music fans may already have heard about Ryan Laird, the 21-year old aspiring musician from Fergus Ontario (now living in Nashville) that managed to catch the attention of chart-topping young phenomenon Taylor Swift.

Laird has a MySpace page, a Facebook fan page, and has posted several videos on You Tube, including male-version mash-ups of some of Swift’s songs. But, his real stroke of genius came this month when Laird dropped his life savings on a giant billboard in front of Swift’s publishing house which reads: “Hey Taylor – I LOVE your music. Will you produce my album?” The sign also includes a link to his MySpace. Says Laird; “I needed a unique way to reach out to her because she’s really busy.” I think it’s a great example of how an expensive traditional media placement can be used to ignite a spark and drive traffic to free online venues (not unlike the Paris Hilton/Carl’s Junior phenomenon).

The strategy appears to have worked. In an interview with E! Canada, Swift said that she would “definitely want to meet him,” and “definitely want to hear more of his stuff.” Notably, the MySpace link was critical to the billboard’s success. Says Swift; “I went on his MySpace and listened to one of his songs and absolutely fell in love with it. […] It would be really cool to maybe work with him.” Even if Swift doesn’t elect to produce his album, the viral buzz around Ryan Laird is growing. In an interview with CMT, Laird talks about how about 16,000 of Swift’s MySpace fans have become his fans as well.

You can watch the entire story behind the billboard proposition in a video posted to Facebook.


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Dec 30, 2008 13:24

Rock on Ryan Laird! What a cool idea with your billboard to Taylor Swift… I’m glad she saw it and you know what!? your music is really good so she should wanna produce you!

Dec 30, 2008 19:20

I agree……crazy idea, but really cool. I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan….. and now, after listening to his music on his myspace page, I am definitely a HUGE Ryan Laird fan too!! Sounds like Taylor agrees as well.

www.best-practice-business.de/blog » Wie man auch einen Musikproduzenten finden kann
Jan 2, 2009 14:26

[...] Der Erfolg ist beeindruckend. Verschiedene Fernsehsender haben über die einmalige Aktion berichtet. Und Taylor Swift hat jüngst in einem Interview bestätigt, dass sie von dieser Aktion auch erfahren hat und gerne den jungen Contry-Sänger kennenlernen würde. Zuvor hat sie sich einige seiner Songs auf seiner MySpace-Webseite angehört. Sein Profil, das seit 2004 besteht, wurde bereits 145.000mal aufgerufen, seine Songs bis zu 35.000mal angehört und mehr als 19.000 Fans haben sich bei ihm eingetragen. Es dürfte eigentlich nur eine Frage der Zeit sein, bis Ryan einen Musikproduzenten gefunden hat. Die Story klingt fast zu schön, um wahr zu sein. Gefunden bei wikinomics. [...]

Jan 3, 2009 2:55

Great job Ryan Laird… I’m a fan of you and Taylor!

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Jan 21, 2009 12:03

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