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Denis Hancock
From chTONGUEeek: 72% of twitter users think it’s a great place to find marketing advice

Thought Wikinomics readers might get a chuckle from this chTONGUEeek post- Report: 72% of twitter users think it’s a great place to find marketing advice. Twitter seats still available :) . From the post (noting, based on the comment below, that it is a tongue-in-cheek paragraph, not a real study).

Our exclusive Twitternomics Quant Study has revealed that a remarkable 72% of Twitter users believe it’s a great place to find marketing advice. In response to this result one of the most active users, whom in order to maintain anonymity we will call the “uber-twit”, noted that “This really proves the power of micro blogging and associated social media. Hey – if I follow you, will you follow me? I’ll link to you on my blog if you do. I’d tell you more, but I start to hyperventilate beyond 140 characters. Want to buy some marketing?” before passing out. Other findings include that 81% of Twitter users are marketers themselves, and 9% of Twitter users suffer from serious self-confidence issues.

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Susan Scrupski
Dec 20, 2008 0:20

Hi Denis. I was going to comment on this a couple days ago, but decided not to. Today, I saw that a fellow Twitterer also mistook the paragraph “analysis” for nGenera’s. You may want to update this post to reflect more clearly that this is not nGenera’s “Twitternomics Quant Study,” but rather the source you linked to.

(yes, pulled over by the social media police.) :-)

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