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Business - Written by on Wednesday, November 5, 2008 10:05 - 2 Comments

How the Net Generation Rocked the Vote

Last nights election was historic as we saw the United States elect it’s first African American President. We also saw a shift in the demographics of the electorate, becoming more multicultural and younger. Early on Obama made it clear that Net Generation voters were going to be key to his victory. He used new mediums to reach out to voters across America. Whether is was text message campaign announcements, videos on YouTube or supporters self organizing on Facebook or his campaigns own social tools, it was clear that he was not just including, but depending on the youth of America to help propel him to victory.

However, up until this point the ‘youth vote’ has been seen as something that has over promised and under delivered. Last night however the message could not have been more different and their decision more clear. As you can see from the chart below, CNN exit polls show that Obama won a whopping 66% or the Net Generation vote. “(The youth vote) is turning states that (Obama) would’ve lost or barely won into more comfortable margins,” says John Della Volpe, the director of polling for the Harvard University Institute of Politics. “Not only are they voting in higher numbers, they’re voting more Democratic.”

True, this vote was more diverse, building upon the advantage that Obama had with both African American and Latino voters, but that is also indicative of the demographic breakdown of the Net Generation. Obama also went to the mediums and channels that are the stomping ground of Net Generation voters. Obama asked and this Generation stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for the future direction of their country.

As a Net Generation member, albeit one from Canada, I think that we are a generation that was looking for change. Older voters may not realize this, but voters 18-29yrs old don’t know an America that wasn’t governed by a Bush or a Clinton (1989-2009), that is unless they where a very politically aware 9 year old. As youngsters they remember the night vision video of the war in Iraq and as young adults they experienced deja vu.

Obama offered them hope, he offered them change and most importantly he offered to include them and listen to their opinion. This generation has already been a force in the consumer world for almost a decade, forcing companies to rethink how they market to teens and even tweens. Now they have excerted their demographic muscle on one of the most globally watched elections, at least in my time. Corporations and Employers, you are now officially on notice. This generation is coming to the workforce, they have experienced change and it’s your turn next.


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