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Business - Written by on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 12:35 - 6 Comments

If the world could vote…

Can anyone see any blue in this map? See here for a mashup showing how the world stacks up for Obama and McCain. McCain has a slight edge in Albania (which, from what I understand, borders on the Adriatic. If you recognize that cultural reference, press “one” now). He also has a dominant lead (cough, sample size of one) in Niue.


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Katie Carty Tierney
Nov 4, 2008 14:51

Okay, not to be one of those nasty xenophobes, but really, as an American, why should I care about who the rest of the world wants elected in my country?

Can you imagine the uproar if Americans started telling the Canadians who they should elect? Or the Mexicans? Or the French? Or the British?

Mike Dover
Nov 4, 2008 15:49

Hey Katie:

The Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia says “right on, sister!”

Naumi Haque
Nov 4, 2008 17:06

The Economist actually set up a global electoral college. According to their map (http://www.economist.com/Vote2008/) McCain would take Algeria, Cuba, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and (surprise, surprise) Iraq.

Dwayne Phillips
Nov 5, 2008 8:44

There are many ways to interpret this. One is that many countries want to see a weakened, diminished America and Obama is one route to that end. This diminishment is not just in military power, but also in jobs and standard of living. It is not that these people like Obama, but disdain America.

For another interpretation, consider China. For centuries the Chinese have held Africans in the lowest regard. Having a U.S. President with an African father is the ultimate joke on America.

Again, there are many interpretations.

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Juan Andrada
Nov 6, 2008 21:27

The only interpretation I heard while travelling abroad was “Please get rid of George W. Bush and anyone remotely like him!”.
And, frankly, few people want a weak America. What they want is a powerful America that is responsible and just.

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