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Business - Written by on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 8:48 - 0 Comments

Dell tests its design mojo

An interesting desktop computer design from Dell:

New Dell Desktop

The Dell Studio Hybrid was released last April, offering a desktop with a very different look/footprint. CNET was at best lukewarm in its review, saying:

It’s hard for us to recommend the Dell Studio Hybrid desktop for any practical purpose. As a desktop for productivity, you can get more bang-for-your-buck from a typical budget-priced midtower PC. And if your goal is either space-saving or using this system as a media PC, we’d instead point you to a similarly priced laptop, which has an integrated display, will perform most of the same functions, and is also portable.

However, that’s a criticism that could be easily levied at most Appple products too, they’re not competing on bang-for-buck or space savings, but on factors like brand, usability, and great design. It has been a few months since Dell released this. Does anyone have any word on how this product has stood up? Is this a smart and bold step by Dell to avoid PC commoditization (and foster a new design competency)? Or, is it a lame Apple wannabe attempt that produced a neat-looking product, albeit one which has no real target audience or following?

If PC manufacturers CAN produce cooler looking and more usable products, what design(s) would you like to see?

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