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Wikinomics Roundup: Week in Review

Welcome back to another edition of the Wikinomics Roundup: Week in Review, where I capture in brief, some of the thoughts, discoveries, and discussions that graced the blog throughout the past week.

This week in the roundup:

  • Jeff DeChambeau revealed the new beta of the Wikinomics blog
  • Ian Da Silva uncovered the power of the social web for consumers
  • Patrick Harnett introduced us to Wesabe and money management on the Web
  • Andrea Bettello shined the light on a different type of TV experience

In case you missed it, you can catch the last roundup HERE.

On September 15, 2008…Jeff DeChambeau revealed the new beta of the Wikinomics blog:

A pet project of mine for the last little while has been to redesign the Wikinomics blog. Given the topic of the blog, though, it seems hardly fitting to launch it in a non-collaborative way. So, I’m doing a soft-launch and would like to collect feedback from the community about what works and what doesn’t.

To showcase and test the new look, I’ve set up http://wikinomics.com/beta/.

Tell us what you think about the new site @
Presenting the Wikinomics Redesign (beta)

On September 16, 2008…Ian Da Silva uncovered the power of the social web for consumers:

As it turns out, it’s a site that in its own words “provides the world’s largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of the products in your home.”  The site was started by Berkeley professor to help address the concern that most consumers know very little about the products that are brought in to their homes everyday.  Using a team of scientific, technological and academic experts, over 60,000 household products have been rated on three separate metrics: health, environmental, and social performance.

Discuss how your products match up on GoodGuide @
Looking for safe, healthy and green alternatives? Try GoodGuide.

On September 18, 2008…Patrick Harnett introduced us to Wesabe and money management on the Web:

The neat open source aspect of Wesabe is that it has a robust API which allows Wesabe enthusiasts the flexibility to develop whatever their cost-conscious minds can dream up. Wesabe has an articulate stance on how having better information about your spending habits is the first step toward reining them in. There are widgets for Vista, OS X, and even your iPhone.

Get ideas about how Wesabe could be used in interesting ways @
Wesabe: The Frugality of Crowds

On September 22, 2008…Andrea Bettello shined the light on a different type of TV experience:

Using NanoGaming, LiveHive is essentially creating a new environment for the television viewer. The shift from traditional one-way communication is underway as this Waterloo based firm promises to take viewers (and advertisers) to a place where the viewer can now actively engage with the program, ultimately creating a stronger connection. NanoGaming is more than just a fun way for the viewer to become involved, it also introduces opportunities to create a more effective advertising campaign than traditional television commercials offer. By sponsoring NanoGaming sites, firms can access audiences from some of the highest rated TV shows (such as the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards) and because TV and Internet are combined, consumers’ levels of attention, association and recall are increased.

What else does this mean for the future of TV? Find out @
LiveHive Systems: changing the way we watch TV

And there you have it – The Wikinomics Roundup: Week in Review.

Check back next week for more original Wikinomics insight. Until next week…

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[...] In case you missed it, you can catch the last roundup HERE. [...]

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