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Wikinomics Roundup: Week in Review

Welcome back to another edition of the Wikinomics Roundup: Week in Review, where I capture in brief, some of the thoughts, discoveries, and discussions that graced the blog throughout the past week.

In case you missed it, you can catch last week’s roundup HEREFriendly reminder: the Wikinomics Roundup has a home on the left side of the page, under Regular Features.

On August 18, 2008…Mike Dover frames a thought about gaming and its benefits:

I’m doing some research with Accenture about benefits and challenges of hiring serious gamers (most of our research is based on games like World of Warcraft). There are plenty of upsides to hiring these people such as the ability to lead groups in remote locations, quickly analyze and react to data, create custom interfaces, divide up resources (and share spoils of war) etc. In fact, some people consider the leadership ability required of a successful WoW guild to be similar to that of a CEO of a small company.

What are your thoughts on video games? More @
Should the fact that the candidate knows what an owlbear is be a plus?

On August 21, 2008…Denis Hancock sets the story straight regarding the blogosphere:

I agree with the start of this to a point – while I believe there is certainly a role for “conversations” in journalism, what I’m most interested in from great journalists tends to be their monologue. In short, depending on the topic area, I want great insights, great entertainment, or both. But what I wanted to focus on here was the paper A versus paper B idea – and how the blogosphere is been blamed for a few things it might not be responsible for.

Check out the rest of this great insight @
Surprise: Another journalist hates the blogosphere:

On August 25, 2008…Jeff DeChambeau talks about an upcoming technology with amazing potential:

Using the camera and screen, with labels injected, the Android powered mobile device becomes something of a magical lense that can be used to provide us with digital information about the world, overlayed on the world itself, as intermediated by the device. So far the Enkin guys have set this up to work with locations that have been tagged in their map view, but imagine the possibilities if it could integrate with all of the Geodata that’s tagged in Google Earth. You could also integrate this with social mobility services, and set your name to public, then strangers on the street could take a look at you through their phone and see your name floating above your head like in a videogame. Businesses could also geotag deals that they are running, and you’d set your Enkin-enabled device in “deal hunter live mode” where you’d see overlays on businesses including distance and deal. The list goes on and the possibilities are great.

See the video and get the full story @
What a phone is a bridge between worlds

On August 25, 2008…Ian Da Silva investigated the concept of employee benefits and incentives:

For me, I suppose the question with such full employee “perks” has always been: is it really a “perk”, when I don’t have to leave the office to enjoy some of the luxuries, and even the ennui, of everyday life? While it would be neat to have my dry cleaning left, and picked up, at the office, I’ve got a great place just down the street from my house, where the banter alone is sometimes worth the extra time/money spent.

What kinds of perks really motivate you? Share @
Perk up! It’s only dinner…

And there you have it – The Wikinomics Roundup: Week in Review.

Check back next week for more original Wikinomics insight.  Until next week…


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Daniel J. Pritchett
Aug 26, 2008 11:13

Jude, I notice you’re still writing the roundup! Does that mean you and the rest of the folks from the recent intern video are going to continue contributing to the blog? I hope so, because it’s a benefit to the overall discussion to represent a broad spectrum of industry experience.

Jude Fiorillo
Aug 27, 2008 14:32

Dan: yup the roundup is going to keep coming out weekly or occasionally, biweekly. Thanks for the nod, I will be continuing to work here full-time for the immediate future, but I suspect that we’ll continue to see some blogging from our past summer intern group.

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[...] In case you missed it, you can catch the last roundup HERE. [...]

Wikinomics Roundup: Week in Review
Sep 23, 2008 23:59

[...] In case you missed it, you can catch the last roundup HERE. [...]

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