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Business - Written by on Monday, August 25, 2008 14:32 - 5 Comments

If you want to LinkIn with me, you better hurry.

I blogged earlier about how I was running out of space for contacts on LinkedIn. You see, after you have 500 contacts, the actual number is no longer listed on your profile — instead, it says 500+. I suppose this to discourage people that want to pester add people they don’t know. IMO, 499 looks like “wow, that guy is really networked”, where 501 looks like “wow, that guy is really needy.”

From now on, when I add people, my plan is to delete someone to make space for them, at least as long as I have people in my network that I don’t remember why they are there.



Another social networking “embarrassment of riches” program is the friend wheel. I’ve blogged before about how too many friends makes the wheel unreadable. They’ve addressed this by allowing customization. The wheel above only includes friends with whom I share at least two links. Not only does it make it readable, it is also richer as the single dot looked a little lonely. And, yes, Thusenth Dhavaloganathan, you can still easily find your name.


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Thusenth Dhavaloganathan
Aug 25, 2008 18:55

The length isn’t the only thing that’s unique about my name. If you search only my first name on Facebook or Google, you will discover that I’m the only Thusenth in the world.

Mike Dover
Aug 27, 2008 9:29


Well, I’m over 500…how could I say no to such a request?

I’ll need to figure out who to drop.


I want to link with you and push someone off your LinkedIn list. I’m a big fan of Wikinomics and Wikinomics is a big fan of me (China Law Blog — http://www.chinalawblog.com). Let’s link as I am already past nerddom anyway and still climbing.


Aug 28, 2008 1:53

Now I’m feeling guilty for causing you to bump someone. So let me try another tact and point out how ridiculous and arbitrary it is for you to deem 499 as cool and 501 as nerdy. Seems to me you should just go with the flow and become one with your innner nerdness and just keep on linking.

Mike Dover
Aug 28, 2008 9:42

Well, this has gone to hell pretty quick.

Tracey Pether http://www.traceypether.com/ just accepted an invitation I sent months ago.

I can’t cut her…she’s the doyenne of my social group. I’d be a complete outcast.

Maybe Dan is right.

David Bradley
Aug 29, 2008 3:34

I didn’t know about that 500 limit. That’s a pain, especially as I once did a six-degrees back-of-an-envelope calculation that ultimately I’d be connected to 216,453,562,521 people ;-)


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