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Business - Written by on Saturday, July 26, 2008 15:46 - 8 Comments

Collaborate and Convert Your Car To An Electric Car

What’s the solution for the ever-increasing gas prices? No, you don’t have to stop driving. With the help of a Finnish Internet community, you can convert your used gasoline-powered car to run on electricity. The Finnish-language forum, eCars – Now!, is taking a chapter out of the open source book to create a community where people can collaborate to start a mass movement toward electric cars. They’re encouraging the conversion from gas-powered cars to run on electricity, with the first rollout due this year.

Their website is designed to provide a portal for buyers and sellers of suitable used cars and components, and mechanics who can make the conversion with an electric motor and lithium batteries. Users on the site share ideas on the message board and e-mail lists, with the best information being put into use by the nonprofit community.

The first conversion target of this community will actually be a Toyota Corolla which they say have a range of 93 miles and a top speed of 75 miles per hour. (As a Toyota Corolla owner, this news is exciting to me.) If this community can successfully convert full size gasoline-power cars to run on electricity, look for this trend to catch on in your area. I may even be one of the first to convert my car if this trend hits the USA.


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kent beuchert
Jul 26, 2008 16:12

Anyone wishing to convert their car to run on electricity would be well advised to not ruin its ability to function as a car by making it an all-electric “can’t-do” vehicle. And be warned of EV enthusiasts lying thru their teeth – anytime you hear a claim of “93 miles driving range,” remeber that that means ,at best, that you can get to and return home from destinations 45 miles away. Actually, you may only get 80 miles of range or, after the batteries age a few years, obtain 80% (at most) of original ange, or in this case, at best be able to go
74 miles or to destinations 37 miles away (at most). That range could be as little as 65 miles if the terrain is hilly, etc. You will also probably have to make due with no air conditioning and heating will reduce driving range even more. There is no logical reason for a conversion to a battery-only vehicle – they are practically useless.
You should instead convert to a plug-in hybrid – Hansen makes a kits that retains the car’s abilities to actually take you where you need to go, anytime you want to, things that a battery-only simply cannot do. You can exist with just one car : no need to own, insure, garage and maintain two cars as you would if one were a battery-only. Battery-only cars only make sense if batteries are cheap, and quickly rechargeable, which they are not. Don’t ruin a car by trying to make it into a battery-only vehicle. That makes zero sense, either environmentally (since battery only owners use just as much petroleum fuel as hybrid plug-ins that have an eelctric driving range of 40 miles or greater) or economically – the cost of batteries will eat you alive.

Streetcar Eddie
Jul 28, 2008 10:08

Here we go again, More of Kent’s mis information.“93 miles driving range,” down to only get 80 miles ….. to destinations 37 miles away (at most).
Do your homework. How about the electric car is only good for 90% of the population.
Cost of batteries will eat you alive.
(amortize it over the life vs gasoline)
Well gasoline cost is eating us alive, Kent!

more fear mongering, fear, doubt, uncertainty and misinformation. from Kent

Jul 28, 2008 10:08

I think I’ll stick with my BMW. That’s just too much performance to give up.

Jul 28, 2008 19:35

How about we create more walkable cities and use more public transportation to wean ourselves away from the car altogether.

Robert Green
Jul 28, 2008 20:02

Has no one made mention of DIY Electric Car?? I’m a major supporter of this site for EV Conversions.

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Jul 29, 2008 4:04

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Jan 19, 2009 23:13

think of the problem in terms of “probable” distance covered. most would use an electric in suburbian confines within reach of a present conventional gasoline station. i invite comments as to why the current gasoline distribution system could not be converted to a ready supply of charged batteries for an electric vehcile. instead of refueling as currently done, the batteries could be changed “NASCAR” style with the motorist paying a nominal fee for the service,

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