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Wikinomics Roundup: Week in Review

Welcome back to another edition of the Wikinomics Roundup: Week in Review! Over the next few minutes I will try and capture in brief, some of the thoughts, discoveries, and discussions that graced the blog throughout the past week.

In case you missed it, you can catch last week’s roundup HERE.

On July 15, 2008… Denis Hancock discussed the value of blog comments:

“The value of comments is a function of topic area and scale.”

Be sure to read on (and comment!) @
Comments: Valuable contributions of ramblings of the inebriated homeless

On July 17, 2008… Brendan Peat sets the stage for a discussion on security:

“In the last 20 some odd years corporate security has made some headway. Companies are now at the point where they are reasonably efficient at keeping ‘hackers’ out and letting employees in. The problem is that to get to this point the enterprise has had to put up walls in the name of safety and security, but at the cost of functionality and logic.”

Read about how empowering and trusting employees fits into the equation @
How Web 2.0, Facebook, and the Net Generation will change corporate security

On July 17, 2008… Guest blogger, Chris Yeh, describes how Wikis are used in the development of projects aimed at saving lives:

“[The University of Wisconsin is] using the wiki to help us with all the work it takes to get from concept to real product. We use the wiki for spreadsheets on market development, documents with examples of other airless tires, images of competing products, project progress reports, FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) sheets, and QFD (Quality Function Deployment) documents,” said Frank [Rath]. “All the different variations are stored on the wiki. If we didn’t have the wiki, we’d be emailing those files back and forth all the time.”

Read more about the use of the Wiki in the project development @
War of the Wikis: University of Wisconsin uses wiki collaboration to help troops in Iraq escape attack

On July 18, 2008… Dan Herman highlighted a great example of a government agency that is trying to stimulate new ideas and innovation:

“The release [of graphics and data for more than 84,000 3D city buildings] is meant to allow citizens, whether development experts or simply concerned city dwellers, a greater role in conversations and plans about the city’s future. Want to propose a new development? These 3D images should go a long way in allowing all parties a better, and simpler, platform upon which to build.”

See the pictures and the logic behind releasing this information @
3D Cities and Government 2.0

On July 20, 2008… Naumi Haque shared some original insight into how Wikinomics principles can be applied in call centers, for the following purposes:

  • Wiki scripts
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Unified account information and metrics
  • Rewards and compensation structures
  • Smart call routing that analyzes reps’ actual skills and matches problems with solutions
  • Customers helping customers
  • Supplement call center activities with other Web 2.0 initiatives

Read this NOW if you run a call center.  Read this now if you’re a regular Joe. Discuss @
Wikinomics in call centers

And there you have it – The Wikinomics Roundup: Week in Review.

Keep checking back each week, as Wikinomics bloggers keeps their eyes on the web, and their fingers on the keyboard.  And as always…if something stood out and interested you, please comment!

You may also have noticed that the format for the WR has changed from last week.  This is because i’m experimenting with formatting to try and find the optimum length : insight ratio, and would love to hear your thoughts.

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