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Business - Written by on Monday, July 21, 2008 10:46 - 3 Comments

Wikinomics LinkedIn group


There is a new user group dedicated to the principles of Wikinomics. The manager, Luke Grange is eager for Wikinomics blog readers to join.

For those that use LinkedIn, but haven’t got around to joining any groups, this is a good one to start. I added my first groups recently (see below for what I’m in so far). It’s a good way to make some cool weak ties and in some cases, receive some interesting free research reports.

I still have some other groups pending, including the Procter & Gamble almuni group, which makes you “apply” and provide proof that you worked there. That is awesomely P&G.

From where I sit, LinkedIn is getting better..they’ve really found their niche and are exploiting it. Our friend, Leigh Himel wrote a great blog post on this topic. From her post:

Linkedin was on the verge of stupidity right before Facebook exploded. Every time I wanted to do something useful like, link to someone I knew but didn’t have the most recent email for, they asked me for money.

And then along came Facebook. With soaring usage, they actually let you link to people, the basic premise of the value to the user, barrier free. While it took Linkedin a while, they too eventually took their sad excuse for a Web monetization strategy, tossed it where the sun didn’t shine (as they should have), and let me easily actually link to people. Ultimately, those links are where I see the value for ME. Not for them. Now if they want to monetize THAT….make money off job postings, head hunters, conferences, incremental services (as they do today) then I’m all for it. But to monetize the basic thing that would actually make their service useful and grow? I don’t think so. And apparently, neither did the network.


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Luke Grange
Jul 22, 2008 5:08

Mike, thank you and as you so rightly put it we aim in this group to uphold the principles of Wikinomics. That wonderful picture we have as our logo is a Pier request we did which arrived from the other side of the world and is public domain. Once again here is the link to join this group which is growing by the hour. Join at http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/143895/6EE7B67876C9

So far we have had some Brilliant Wikinomic talent join the group such as http://studiowikitecture.wordpress.com/ and Mike Riverdale: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeriversdale who has a wonderful ethic.
I am a strong believer in not diluting community strength so we will have a strong pool of like minded individuals in this forum. I have recently removed some of the LION (Linked In Open Networkers) contacts I had in Linkedin for example, as it didn’t quite make sense to whom I was directly related to in my network. I feel there is a place for LION’s in Linkedin but it doesn’t quite work for my needs right now. I would welcome any comments to this point. We are running a workshop on “The essence of Online Community” next month and if anyone also has any input or ideas please so let me know.

Take, Care


Luke Grange
Jul 30, 2008 3:31

I have noticed a real upsurge lately in the activity on Linkedin. I want to know all the reasons members use the tool. I know just yeaterday I hooked up with an old colleague who used to give me wonderful marketing ideas. It was a simple coincidence that another Linkedin contact of mine made contact and him and the name rang a bell when I saw it on the summary section of the home page. We are back in touch and I have loads of things I will be asking him about our strategy. I often listen to the http://www.linkedintelligence.com/the-connections-show-with-stan-relihan/ show where Stan interviews people who have wonderful applications for the tool. Is it right to call it a tool or is it a solution. Well I guess you may know and help me out on this one.

Aug 9, 2008 8:47

your blog is getting better )

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