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Denis Hancock
What defines a social media marketer?

Tamar Weinberg has a very interesting post today, summarizing all the comments she received from a variety of “social media consultants, bloggers, marketers, search engine optimizers, and social media addicts” as to what “traits define a social media marketer?“. My quick count revealed approximately 35 responses – below is Tamar’s summary of her findings, as well as a few of my favorite contributions:

Many agreed that social media is about community-building, passion, and enthusiasm. Creativity, a multi-tasking mindset, and the ability to think outside the box were also heavily agreed upon. Most importantly, those who find the most success in the social media marketing realm are those who are heavily networked and ensure that maintaining ongoing relationships is part of their everyday routine. – Summary of findings by Tamar Weinberg

Although social media as a set of tools has radically transformed marketing, I do not think it appropriate to use the term “social media marketer.” People do not want to hear from companies as represented by marketers, they want to hear from other people. – Valeria Maltoni, Online Marketer

It’s a unique blend of networking skills (relationships). traditional PR skills (building goodwill), marketing skills (giving customers what they want), and customer service (delivering resolutions to issues). So ultimately, the best social media marketers understand all of these disciplines. It requires a convergence, making the jack of all trades suddenly and incredibly valuable. – Geoff Livingston, CEO of a Media Relations Firm

A social media marketer is someone who is fundamentally oriented towards LISTENING first, and only then offering contributions that move the conversation forward. – Laura Fitton, Presentations Consultant

People using these tools have to “be human” well, and by that, I mean realizing that all life isn’t based on marketing directives. Instead, it’s about contributing, bringing something to the picnic, and doing what Radian6 Marcel LeBrun calls “listening at the point of need.” That means, knowing when to promote your idea, product, or service. – Chris Brogan, Social Media Strategist

A good social media marketer isn’t really a ‘marketer’. He/She is a connector (and is good at social networking), a maven (and is a thought leader and ‘information specialist’ or information resource), and a salesperson that can persuade an eskimo to buy ice.- Muhammad Saleem, Social Media Maven

They are active honest members of Online Communities where they can naturally get the word out about a product or service….. causing their message to become viral throughout online communities and bring in viewers/customers/clients to a Website.- Shana Albert, Web Designer and Social Media Addict

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