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Business - Written by on Monday, July 7, 2008 16:12 - 4 Comments

Wikinomics in the Blogosphere

What did people say about us this week?

  • Andrew Jones of the Tall Skinny Kiwi talks about how the Wikinomics ideas of transparency, generosity, and trust relates to the Bible and Christian ideals.
  • As mentioned in the comments of last week, a relatively new website, Swirrl, has posted a review of Wikinomics.“Swirrl is like a wiki, but better.”
  • The State Sunshine and Open Records blog criticizes “Show us a Better Way”, a new website sponsored by the British Government, but reconsiders the statement after hearing this site is the brainchild of the U.K.’s Minister for the Cabinet Office. The website invites users/citizens to post ideas for new government services.
  • Wikinomics and how mass collaboration will fundamentally change learning was one of the topics at the recent NECC 2008 conference.
  • Brendan Dunphy’s Innovation Blog debates the Wikinomics Report Card on General Motors. He argues that closed innovation is better when the current market solution is not sufficient.
  • Paula Thornton of the Fast Forward Blog talks about Don Tapscott’s economic tsunami in reference to the User Revolution and the Age of Aquarius.


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Jul 8, 2008 8:15

Hi Ben.

Thanks for the mention.

By the way, “Swirrl” should have 2 “r”s.

We would have called it “Swirl” but the domain was already taken – the Internet promotes bad spelling!

Ric from Swirrl

Ben Letalik
Jul 8, 2008 9:36

Fixed. I’m terribly sorry about that Ric.

Wikinomics » Blog Archive » The Wikinomics Roundup: Week in Review
Jul 14, 2008 0:33

[...] While collaborating with artists for short-term promotional pieces is nothing new, a number of companies are taking their relationship with artists to the next level, and early signs point to a winning relationship for both sides involved. Dupri is very pleased with the budget provided by P&G, claiming “You can’t get this type of marketing budget. There are endorsement deals, but not like this.” Artists appear to benefit by receiving both an up-front payment as well a royalty agreement that outpaces what is offered by the big labels. On July 07, 2008… Ben Letalik showed us where Wikinomics popped up on the web radar: Wikinomics in the Blogosphere [...]

andrew jones (tallskinnykiwi)
Jul 24, 2008 16:36

thanks for the mention. great book and great conversation!!!!!

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