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Business - Written by on Thursday, June 26, 2008 17:15 - 6 Comments

In 2009 Chrysler Will Offer Wi-Fi in Their Cars: Good or Bad?

A report in the LA Times and on ZDNet.com explains that Chrysler will offer Wi-Fi service via their UConnect web service in many of next year’s Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep models. The system will cost around $500 plus a $30 dollar monthly fee. The price tag is a little steep but may be worth it to get download speeds of up to 800 kb per second while driving 70 Mph down the highway.

Usually I regard greater internet connectivity as unambiguously good progress towards more efficiency and productivity, but this raises my eyebrows a bit. Chrysler explains that the service is only for passengers or for the driver when the vehicle isn’t moving, but I think we all know that the temptation will be too great for many. The horror stories about drivers distracted while talking/ texting on cell phones or fiddling with GPS units are enough to make me sick. These accidents happen while being distracted by a mere cell phone. Imagine what could happen if people are distracted by work, Ebay, Facebook, and Youtube.

I’m not saying this feature is outright bad. I for one would love to have Wi-Fi service wherever my car is. I just worry that the benefits won’t outweigh the safety risks. There currently aren’t any laws, that I am aware of, that make computer use while driving illegal. With the introduction of this service, that will be a pressing issue. Personally I think Chrysler should take more responsibility and disable the Wi-Fi connection while the car is in motion.

Regardless of the safety concerns, this is a sure sign that ubiquitous connectivity is on its way. The family road trip is no longer safe from dad and mom being tied down by work e-mails, status updates, and webinars. With a sense of wary excitement, I wait to see what will be developed next.

Let me know your thoughts on this new advent…


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Lawrence Chen
Jun 26, 2008 17:39

The risk and danger is definitely there but I just don’t really see many people attempting to actually surf the web while driving. I’m assuming most people who will pay to have this service already have the internet at home so they will probably just wait until they get home to use it.

Ian Da Silva
Jun 27, 2008 0:12

Dear Chrysler:

I hear there’s some company out of Waterloo who is working on a magical device that allows for Internet browsing AND email access all in one “handy” device. The name’s got something to do with fruit, maybe berries or something.

Alright, maybe it’s overly critical, but come on – $500 and $30 a month. I will be very interested to see how many “passengers” take advantage of this offering.

Could be a great idea for cabs and limos, though.

David Cameron
Jun 27, 2008 10:44

I think it’s a great idea. The internet has provided us with many applications that are useful while working, I’m sure there are as many useful applications that could be integrated into your driving experience with a bit of Wi-Fi.

Just some food for thought: Using Wi-Fi and GPS to know where your family members are, listen to internet radio (instead of satellite radio – this would pay for the $30/month itself), and really leveraging the geospatiality concepts Don talks about.

I’m not saying that this wasn’t possible before, but the key to this might be the affordability. (Disclaimer: I have not read the details on the WiFi plan for the vehicles)

While I’m sure some people will get distracted by it, the majority won’t. And those that do probably already get distracted by their mobile phones, complex radio systems, or putting on their makeup.

Justin Papermaster
Jun 27, 2008 10:46


I agree. This product is a lot more marketable to cabs and limos. Chrysler is clearly using it as a gimmick to help in differentiating their automobiles from ford and GM. The only real benefit I see in it is for families who like to take a lot of road/ camping trips. Dads would surely like it because it will keep the wild, little “net-geners” quiet in the back while he is driving.

Jun 27, 2008 14:48

I am curious as to how insurance providers will change their coverage options for wifi enabled vehicles. While this option may be viewed by vehicle owners as a potiential convienence, insurance agencies will certainly view it as a liability/option to up premiums.

What steps-if any-Chrysler will take to ensure that drivers only use the wifi when their vehicle is not in motion. Is there somesort of deadzone around the driver? Does ‘not in motion’ include stopped at a red light? caught in traffic?

Also, how limited is the wifi? for example if stuck in bumper to bumper traffic could someone in another car gain access to the wifi in a wifi enabled vehicle? Say hypothetically that a vehicle without wifi abilities was able to access the wifi capabilities of a nearby wifi enabled vehicle and as a result the non wifi enabled vehicle that gained wifi access from the wifi enabled vehicle caused a collision-would the wifi enabled vehicle’s owner’s insurance be at all affected?

Katie Tierney
Jun 27, 2008 20:05

Wifi in the minivan???? Where do I sign up??? For long-distance road trips (the kind we often take with four little Tierneys in tow), this is like a dream for me. I could actually WORK FROM THE CAR. I know I have an iPhone, so I could technically work from the car anyway, but it doesn’t have the nice keyboard my Sony Viao laptop does.

Now, if you can just get me the hybrid Suburban with wifi, I think I’d pass out.


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