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Business - Written by on Friday, June 20, 2008 15:39 - 4 Comments

McCain and Obama will tweet it out in Twitter debate

That’s right.

Starting tonight, a designated representative of both of the major presidential campaigns are going to participate in a free-wheeling debate on technology and government, moderated by Time magazine blogger Ana Marie Cox and channeled via Twitter. (Link)

The moderator will pose questions for the candidates’ reps to answer. The debate has no set end date.

Now, it would be way better if 1) the candidates themselves, not just their reps, were participating; 2) all topics, not just tech, were included; and 3) questions came from viewers, not just the moderator.

Still, isn’t this cool?

But does it deepen the political discussion by creating an ongoing, real-time, and open debate; or does it take the sound bite to the extreme by boxing candidates into 140-character maximums?



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Joseph Logan
Jun 20, 2008 16:29

Probably can’t hurt, but like you, I question the value of a campaign representative stating a position in 140 characters or less–with more time than the candidate would have in a debate. Could make for an odd mix of scripted and superficial. Still, it’s a step in the right direction, and voters just might demand more.

Jun 22, 2008 10:35

Perhaps the best thing to come out of the twitter debates will be the ensuing discussion among viewers. Maybe that conversation with put forward some better ideas on how to improve government. Ideas the candidates can then adopt. Government by the people, for the people.

Jeff DeChambeau
Jun 22, 2008 16:21

My biggest fear from this is that it will legitimize twitter as something more than a vanity portal — hold on, I’m just tweeting that I’m writing a comment — ok back.

I don’t see why twitter is better for this than just a normal blog, where questions could really be answered. If someone is trying to introduce web 2.0 tech into the election, I think a FAQ database would be even better: voters can open tickets and then have the candidates responses side by side.

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