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Wikinomics in the Blogosphere

Wednesday, PR NewsWire posted an article suggesting that the finance world utilize Wikinomics to restore confidence in the marketplace. In the article Don Tapscott explains Wall Street’s current problems and how Wikinomics can help.

Mrs. Carine Moitier’s blog highlights the Chicago T-shirt Firm Threadless as a good example of Wikinomics.

After reading Wikinomics, Wayne Long explains his views on how Wikinomics applies to Real Estate.

Smite Jonz has more to say on Wikinomics in Real Estate.

In Daptiv’s Greenhouse: Collaboration Grows, BusinessWeek highlights a customer collaboration innitiative called Greenhouse that allows customers to participate in the innovation and design process.

A recent study conducted by Morten Rask entitled The Reach and Richness of Wikipedia investigates the economic factors involved in the use of Wikinomics in developed and developing countries.

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