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Denis Hancock
Picturing the World Economic Forum

In yesterday’s blog post about Obama’s victory, Don referenced his conversation with Joseph Stiglitz, who happened to be sitting next to him at the airport in Madrid. Don also met John Newton when he was over at the World Economic Forum, as John mentioned in his recent post on Doing Davos Does Not Help Blogging. It’s an interesting read, but I wanted to highlight it because I find the sequence of pictures so fascinating. Around the middle of the post you will find a sequence of pictures of whom one might traditionally expect to be at such a meeting – Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, Hamid Karzai, Pervez Musharraf, and others. Before them? A giant YouTuber addressing 1,000 people at the WEF, and Chad Hurley (the founder of YouTube), in addition to people like Marc Benioff that come later on. How quickly the world is changing… if you go back even a few years, could you have imagined a story about the World Economic Forum – described as “the Davos meeting of political and business leaders aims to create the foremost global partnership of business, political, intellectual, and other leaders…” – being led by a picture like this (the giant YouTuber)?


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Oct 5, 2008 17:08

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