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Business - Written by on Wednesday, May 21, 2008 15:40 - 5 Comments

Wii Fit – The Real Workout Comes When Trying to Find One to Buy

Amidst much hype and fanfare, Nintendo has released its latest artificially short-stocked product today – the Wii Fit. The latest in a series of experience-based games (GH, RB), Wii Fit allows you to do yoga, aerobics, strength train, and play balance games, all using the Wii Balance Board. Coming as no surprise to anyone, really, the Wii Fit has been an immediate sellout in most places (I tried six stores and countless online stores at lunch).

The frustrating part for the idealist in me is that much like I mentioned in my tickets post, countless units have ended up in the hands of resellers, with the average price on craigslist and ebay hovering around $175 – a tidy sum considering the units sell for around $100 through most retailers.


For those enterprising folks out there, mark your calendars – June 22nd – the release date for Rock Band for Wii. Set to retail for $170, it will surely fetch $250 – $300 in first-day resales. Now I’m no math-magician, but I figure even after hiring Danny at $20 for an hour to stand in line to buy multiple units at store opening, I can surely end up ahead.

With the iPhone set for release (finally) in Canada, I wonder – are Rogers, Nintendo and others missing the boat by allowing others to play the market to capture full market value at product launch – why not embrace early-adopter, dynamic pricing? How much of a premium would you pay to be “that guy” with the IT product.


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May 21, 2008 17:33

Got the Fit. It rocks. Rock Band for Wii won’t sell well… it is for Guitar Hero hardcores and Wii is not… Rock Band is for gamers to play between hours of Warcraft, COD, or GTA.

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Jul 24, 2008 22:18

If you are looking for Wii Fit in Canada then visit http://wiiincanada.googlepages.com/ . It updates stock status from Canadian etailers every 30 seconds.

Wii Fit Addict
Mar 21, 2009 17:12

I had success getting one for my wife online, she loves the thing…Have seen a couple at best buy but they’re usually in people’s hands…still very popular considering they’ve been out for a while now!

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