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Business - Written by on Wednesday, May 21, 2008 20:14 - 4 Comments

More on Wii Fit

As my colleague Ian posted earlier, the Wii Fit seems to be completely sold out in Toronto. I managed to pick one up through an reseller on the Amazon platform. I paid about a 40% premium, which I’m happy to do as long as the unit actually arrives. I did check carefully that I bought the actual game, not a Wii Fit hotmail address or a photo of the game. And unlike those early adopters that are periodically sue Apple because they price they paid for an iPod or iPhone was higher than a few months after the launch (it always happens in technology, people) I understand that the premium incorporates the fact that “I have the cool toy first…or first-ish.”

So, with some excitement, I’m anticipating some serious physical activity. Not without irony, I’m going to have to move a La-Z-Boy chair to make room for the game. I promise the Wikinomics blog readers that I won’t be posting my BMI scores (you’d probably almost rather read daily amateur Dilbert comics).


From what I understand, there is some seriously scolding from the unit as it tracks your fitness progress. After the first workout, you find out your “fitness age.” Then, you recieve advice on what size you should be (methinks that I’m much larger than a typical Japanese person; at least outside of the Sumo community). I don’t mind when that weird worm thing in Big Brain Academy implies that I am a dullard….I know I have a non-simian IQ…but I hope that the digital personal trainer is understanding as we get started together.


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Denis Hancock
May 22, 2008 11:10

to quote the Sports Guy:

Speaking of video games, there are few certainties in life but this is one of them: The Wii is headed for the biggest and most expensive class-action injury suit since Navin’s eyeglasses made everyone cross-eyed in “The Jerk.”

Jenn Durley
May 22, 2008 14:57

Looks like someone’s still bitter about losing that office bet.

Mike Dover
May 22, 2008 15:04


(sigh)….Although I do like the line “Again, sorry for Amazon’s mistake”

Greetings from Amazon.ca.

This notice serves as confirmation that we have initiated a refund in the amount of CDN$139.98 for Order # 058-6514441-250xxxx from amazonca@swordkillers.com.
Here are the details of your refund(s) related to this order.

Item: Refund for Wii Fit [Nintendo Wii]
Refund: CDN$139.98
Reason for refund: Out of stock
Memo from seller: Hello
We came in this morning to see that Amazon oversold our WII stock by many more than what we had.
Amazon has no expination for the over selling of our inventory. Here is a full refund. Again sorry for amazons mistake.

Total refund for this order: CDN$139.98

The refund should appear as a credit on your next credit card statement

hold em poker download
Jan 8, 2009 2:52

When I first started working out with the Wii Fit, I was worried that I wouldn’t really be able to get a good cardio workout. The Aerobics activities were intense enough to get my heart rate into the high range, but they were only a few minutes long.

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