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Wikinomics in the Blogosphere


Highlighting some of the places that Wikinomics is appearing in the blogosphere.

The Connected Republic has announced a wiki discussion of Government 2.0, using seven principles that they have developed as a starting point.   

The Cambrian House Idea’s Section has a post by DaveH who is looking for help on his new open source loom project

Gordon Crovitz of the Wall Street Journal discusses our Government 2.0 Project.  

The South African Business Report writes about Cape Town University’s application of Wikinomics principles. 

Blogger Carl Dowse has posted an old video clip of Don speaking on BBC Newsnight.  

Blogger John Pana talks about the pre-internet use of Wikinomics principles by Richardo Semler when he revolutionized Semco.

Charlie Huenermann, from Utah State University, questions the motivations of participants on open source projects.  

RISMedia puts Wikinomics on their list of top 25 books corporate America is reading.  

Emma Wallace, Director of Social 8, a management consultancy specializing in Enterprise 2.0, recommends Wikinomics as a tool to convince the uninitiated of the benefits of mass collaboration.

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Tom Waltman
May 16, 2008 12:16

I recently took a university course which had all of the course material on a Wiki which was constantly updated by the class and by the web. It was easily the most unique classroom and learning experience I have ever had.

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