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Business - Written by on Monday, May 12, 2008 9:54 - 2 Comments

Wikinomics and the future of education

Last week I gave a keynote at Case Western Reserve University, as part of the President’s Symposium on Collaborative Technology and the Future of Education. I’ve posted my slides on slideshare.com and I’m working with the event organizers to make the video of my talk available here on wikinomics.com.

The event was organized by Lev Gonick, Case Western’s CIO and a trailblazer in educational innovation. Check out Lev’s blog for an amazing compendium of breakthrough projects. Among other things, Lev and his team are introducing the use of QR codes across the campus — to the best of my knowledge they are the first North American college or university to do so. According to Lev, “The codes are found everywhere from transit stops, where students can scan them to see when the next bus would arrive, to applications on Facebook and MySpace, to the student newspaper where QVC recently began rolling out its own marketing campaign with Mobile Discovery.”

The symposium featured many other impressive guests and speakers, but I’ll quickly point out two. Casey Green moderated an impressive closing panel and presented what appears to be the most comprehensive database on the use of technology in higher education. The Campus Computing Project has data going back to 1994.

Cory Ondejka, who you will likely recognize as the co-founder of SecondLife, led a few breakout sessions during the symposium. His thoughtful paper on the role of MMOGs as a platform for learning is available here: Education Unleashed: Participatory Culture, Education, and Innovation in Second Life.


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Jim Walker
Jul 20, 2008 19:20

Have you posted the keynote on this site? I went to Slideshare and your slide are not there. I am very interested in what you and Clay Shirky have to say about the power of groups and how the cost of creating groups is close to zero in some cases. More educators need to read your book and Clay’s

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