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The (blogging) gang’s all here

Next week, I’m delighted to moderate a panel that includes some of my favourite bloggers…and Denis. Also featured on the panel are Mathew Ingram, Anastasia Goodstein, Leigh Himel, and Sean Moffitt. I’ve added all the links to the blogroll on the bottom right of this page.

Here are some interesting recent posts from each. Mathew teaches us an important lesson about “accepting changes” before sending your business plan to a VC. You know, to avoid the people you want money from to read stuff like:

  • “Segal used to work for Microsoft so skip the name dropping, save it for the afternoon meeting, they are clueless about Redmond.”
  • “When you talk through this point on your slides, make Chanukah jokes, he is Jewish and will get them”
  • “I’d delete this section since we don’t have these features on the roadmap and haven’t figured out how to code this unless you believe the investors won’t catch this.”
  • “VCs are typically stupid when it comes to this section so be prepared for a dumb question blizzard.”

Anastasia makes a thoughtful post about why Youtube and MySpace shouldn’t be blamed for the recent attack by a group of teenaged girls.

From the post:

The internet didn’t make those cheerleaders beat up that girl. If the internet didn’t exist, and she “trash talked” them at school, I guarantee you they would have done it anyway. If anything, the internet may have given the victim a false sense of security that she could say stuff (“trash talk”) she probably would not have had the courage to say in real life to an “invisible audience” on MySpace without realizing that it would get out. Teens still don’t understand that if they don’t want someone to find out about what they posted about them online, they shouldn’t post it — period. If parents could focus on driving this message home instead of on how they can spy on their kids 24/7, we might begin to see a little less drama that can lead to this type of vicious bullying.

Leigh reports about a contest on the Only Dead Fish blog’s contest to describe your life story in 6 words. Her favourites:

this place is getting borderline crowded
- LopakaMarried with children (and second thoughts).
- With HeldLike Charlie Brown, not as popular.
- Paul J
And here’s a classic

Sold the saxophone. Got a computer.
- Ken H

Sean lets a loose a warm-hearted rant about customer service (good and mostly bad). A sample:

She Said Boom on Roncesvelles – I know I’m supposed to like you because you are the indie, grassroots record shop that is keeping independent retail, inner city neioghbourhoods and  the full record CD alive, but I don’t. I think  you’re pompous and just because I wear a tie into your store, doesn’t mean I’m repressing the poor. Get a life…and some perspective. I do however like your neighbours Set Me Free, Queen of Tarts (coolest gingerbread men in town) Buddha Dog, Silver Spoon and  Bravo Gelato. if you want good and legit “John Cusack in High Fidelity” record shops who don’t make you feel like scum, Go here or here.

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