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Business - Written by on Friday, May 9, 2008 17:46 - 1 Comment

Someone just hacked my bank account …me

Ok, personal banking information is about as private as it gets right? Wrong. Turns out, bloggers like this, this, this, this , this, this, this, and this are sharing their personal finances and net worth with anyone who cares to read about it. For example, the author of the The Money Blog posts a bar chart of their net worth on every page of their site ($257,939 as of May 9th, 2009 in case anyone was curious).

It’s one thing to share information about what music you’re listening to via a widget, but would people really use a widget to display financial information? Well, 23% of people are apparently interested in having a widget that could display the current balance from their bank account.

Jwaala is leading the charge when it comes to socializing financial information – here’s some great examples and screenshots. They have widgets that can do everything from sharing your most recent costco purchases to charting your most recent automobile expenditures. Here’s a few example widgets below (sample data drawn from their site):

Automobile spending widget

Net Worth widget

Recent transactions over $100 widget

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Aug 14, 2009 11:50

“well, we all know theirs huge benefits to register a company in Cyprus, lol. My account pointed me to a few blogs on the net which i’m rather reluctant to check out as i’ve been so busy lately”

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