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Business - Written by on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 12:44 - 9 Comments

Naumi Haque
Global citizens love the Earth… for an hour

This post is a couple of days overdue, but I just came across some neat pictures that I thought I’d share. We often talk about how climate change and the environment is the “first truly global cause,” creating a huge area of opportunity for Web 2.0 communities to bring global masses of concerned individuals together. That being said, the first global Earth Hour (2007 Earth Hour was in Sydney only), was very un-2.0. Over 20,000 businesses and some 300,000 individuals “signed up” on the official Earth Hour site, and almost a million people attended Earth Hour events on Facebook (there were several); however, the main clamour behind the event was as much a word-of-mouth effort as anything. Maybe it’s fitting, given that the goal of the initiative was all about putting technology aside for while to think about the planet and each other.

Toronto, I am proud to say, exceeded the goal of a 5% reduction in energy with a 9% drop in energy use. However, individual results were mixed. For example, the pub I was at for dinner did observe Earth Hour, turned out the lights, and lit candles instead. The patrons at the table next to me went so far as to insist on paying their bill before 8:00pm, cognizant of the fact that the card processing machine would technically count as an electronic appliance. Yet, across the street the Pizza Pizza was fully lit; neon sign, blinding florescent blaze, and all. Similarly, on our walk home, many homes were dark, but not so many as to make a noticeable difference. The tree-hugger in me was also disappointed by the big push on glow sticks to celebrate the dark – a particularly wasteful and un-Earth-friendly substitute for traditional electronic lights. From the pictures below, it seems as though the financial district and large landmarks did much better. I was hoping to find some cool satellite images from around the world, but didn’t come across any – if anyone finds some, please send them along.



Image source: Earth Hour 2008, Ivy Images


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Apr 3, 2008 17:40

The problem with Official earth hours etc., is that they are short term, one time events intended to increase awareness. But, having incresed awareness, where does one go or or even do? Even the Lord Jesus Christ commanded the women he rescued from being stoned for sins, asked to “Go and sin no more” acording to the legend. So, where does any one “GO”; There is in fact no where to “GO”; that is the reality. Creating a place to “GO” involves the human mind of not just the present day but the human minds to come for ever and ever. It can not be in books, or stories as they are static and dormant. The place to GO for the human mind has to be dynamic, interactive and ever present. How, does one create such a palce?

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Apr 7, 2008 2:39

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Jonathan Mallon
Mar 28, 2009 13:53

Many hands make candle light work less energy make a better future for all , together we can make a difference

Mar 30, 2009 7:45

May I propose “maths hour” where people who want to help the environment sit down and do a real world calculation about some environmental problem, and if they can’t do the maths then they sit and do some learning, maybe help each other through it. Then compare results with other “maths hour” teams. Might give folks a tiny idea of what the real problem is and distract them from their never ending crystal gazing. Start by calculating the mass of CO2 produced by an average candle as compared to various other lighting of equivalent brightness. The candle is made of fossil fuel and one of the least efficient ways to make light.

As a neo-Luddite movement, where people want to escape from technology for a while, and live out a “simple life” fantasy for an hour. Earth Hour makes a lot of sense from that point of view. As an actual environmental movement it is worse than useless, it encourages misconceptions and discourages intelligence.

Apr 6, 2009 11:44

Well, why do we guys get concerned about the earth one fine morning and switch off all unneccessary lights for one hour?can’t we save a little energy everyday and not contribute to global warming????????????

Mar 27, 2010 20:55

Just read the mind numbingly stupid comment by 2252. Can’t you figure out on your own what to do for one hour? Do you seriously need someone to tell you? Heck, why don’t you pray for an hour…

Gabriel Ellis
Aug 13, 2010 1:01

Earth Hour really helps in promoting environmental awareness among the young generation’,;

Bedding Collections ·
Nov 8, 2010 9:16

we always join the Earth Hour because it is one of the ways that you can show your support on the environment .

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