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Denis Hancock
Wikinomics in the blogosphere

Not to be confused with the Wikinomics Blogroll report, this is just a quick tour around some of the place wikinomics is popping up around the blogosphere. Think of it as moving a little further down the long tail to see how people are applying wikinomics to whatever it is they do. Here are just a few from the last week or so:

A nice wikipage on Shifting the notion of what it means to teach by Will Richardson.

Gerd Leonhard on The End of Control Essays

Spicy IP on how the wikinomics model has already made a difference for Bent and tens of thousands of African families.

The PSD World Bank blog talks about NGO 2.0, tying back to Anthony’s post a couple of weeks back.  

Scott Gavin on communicating the benefits of social media to management

Peter Pyche has some thoughts on taking a wikinomics approach to a Six Sigma issue in Erie County.  

A survey of what wikinomics means for technical communication.

The commoditization of photography.

Rolando comments on the Open NASA project.

Jasper Kamperman has some thoughts on tying wikinomics together with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Alan Brody does a Wikinomics report as part of the iBreakfast series – the focus is on collaboration.

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