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Business - Written by on Wednesday, March 26, 2008 17:21 - 3 Comments

Time Space Map

Here is a cool idea that is just getting started. The Time Space Map is kind of a combination of Wikipedia and Google Map mashups. It allows people to graph historical events in a temporal fashion. The picture below shows the growth of the Inca Empire. A good description can be found here.


I’m curious to see how this map of Napoleon’s advance and retreat to Russia (considered by many to be the greatest graphic ever) would look in this application.



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Mar 27, 2008 14:44

When you talk to guys like Albert Lai who are driving the mobile and Web3.0 movement, you’ll hear about the potential of applications like this on mobile devices for all kinds of uses. One of Albert’s examples was walking past a building in Toronto: you may be able to see a “Time-Space Map” of who in history has owned that building, how it looked at any given point in time, vacant units, etc. As objects and devices begin to communicate with each other, as well as their human users, it’s likely we will see this technology on a smaller scale in everyday applications. Exciting stuff!

Eric Blair
Mar 31, 2008 22:59

The Time Space Map is an interesting concept. With new efforts made by Google to enhance their existing API for web programmers I can see the Time Space Map expanding tremendously in the future. As a history buff, I think it would be extremely productive to one day allow users to add YouTube commentaries, video documentaries, sound clips, and/or articles for the various event “bookmarks” on the map. Moving away from history, I’m wondering how effective this tool can be in conceptualizing more current topics like the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Rick Ladd
May 19, 2008 16:08

I’ve been searching for concepts and apps that can be taken into the enterprise, esp. where I am employed (a very large aerospace corp. that designs, tests, and manufactures extremely complex systems.)

Keeping track of configuration changes, both as-designed and as-built is a time-consuming and expensive process. I wonder if this kind of mashup couldn’t be accomplished with engineering drawings, photos, etc. to create a far richer understanding of the development and improvement of products. Might not be any cheaper, but it might be far more comprehensive. Just an idea.

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