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Denis Hancock
Wikinomics blogroll – March 16 2008

This week’s blogroll summary:

Mark Cuban has been one of the most outspoken critics of Google’s YouTube acquistion around… with a particular focus on the copyright risk they are assuming. In turn, when he compliments (even a little bit) YouTube’s new open API strategy it’s probably worth paying attention to.

Staying on the Google theme, Jeff Jarvis has a great article summarizing the new Google Hosted Ad Management Service. What’s particularly interesting is his quote “The creation of a standard ad call… is the foundation of what I envisioned when I called for an open source ad infrastructure. There’s just one issue: It’s not open source. And it’s Google’s.”

Oh heck with it. If we’re going to talk about Google, might as well link right to their blog too. Space Jam you say? Of course, if you’d rather learn more about their nemesis, Jon Udell has a great new interview series for you.

Don’t look now, but Japanese ISPs have banned file sharers… beating France and the U.K to the punch.

Clay Shirky was guest blogging on the Penguin Group site this last week. You can probably guess what his post was about from the start of the last paragraph: It is too early to tell whether the internet’s effect on media will be as radical as that of the printing press. It is not too early to tell that there is nothing that happened between 1450 and now that comes close.

Franz Dill pointed us towards an AdAge article about a big mobile (phone) coupon promotion, as P&G, Clorex, K-C, General Mills and others team up to try to reach that pesky 25-34 year old demographic that might need stuff for their kids… but don’t read newspapers. As Irma Tavilian notes, “Promotions still work — the problem is finding where we need to talk to them in a relevant way.”

More information isn’t always better it seems. Here in Toronto traffic lights and crosswalks with countdown timers were introduced recently, and I love the things… but they might not be the safest inventions in the world. As this Freakonomics post discussed, a recent study in Taiwan founded injuries increased 33% in the intersections they were installed.

Ross Mayfield has a nice summary and discussion of Baseline’s Social Software’s Culture Clash article. He notes quite a few best practices for wiki management, including Structure by topic, not by organization and Lead with what you want, not what you have.

Finally, for those who’ve never been there, lifehacker.com is a great source of tech trips, tips and downloads to get things done – from windows firewalls to removing gum from clothes to productivity apps to… a thought provoking article called Are you powerless to the web?

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