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Competing in the new economy.

Amongst the key issues for governments in the Web 2.0/Gov 2.0 era is how these new means of economic and social organization will impact their ability to compete in the global knowledge economy. Dr. Žiga Turk, Minister of the Office of Growth for the Slovenian Government, and also the country’s National Lisbon Strategy Co-ordinator, as well as professor and researcher at the University of Ljubljana, shares some of his thoughts on the issue at his blog.

Of note, he explains, “The communications revolution changes the way we live together. They change culture, innovation, technology and the political process. We are at the middle of the second communication revolution. Internet is unleashing the human potential, the creativity, and allows the participation of the masses. Governments should exploit this as part of an updated Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs.”

Here’s one of his recent slideshows on the topic where he expands on these thoughts and the general Gov 2.0 concept (which, by the way, is very congruent with our own thoughts on the topic):

Slovenian Gov 2.0

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