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Don Tapscott
Davos factoid: In a discussion of the Telecommunications Sector and the Economic Crisis

Consumer broadband volumes are going 40 percent per year. This isn’t going to decline. Voice minutes of use (predominately wireless) are growing 10 percent per year, driven largely by young people — the net generation. Everything from cars to doors are becoming networked. The conclusion? There will be fluctuations in stock prices, but this train has left the station.

Davos buzzword: Worldsourcing.

Outsourcing was about finding the lowest cost to do something. Worldsourcing is about finding he best capability.

Personally I never liked the word outsourcing. Cisco built a networked business model (business web as I’ve been calling it for a decade) and therewas nothing “in” to outsource in the first place. This has always been about your strategy for orchestrating capability not about labour arbitrage. So now we’ve got another buzzword to describe it.

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