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Denis Hancock
The wikinomics weekend news scroll

Here’s a summary of just a few of the wikinomics-related stories that have popped up over the last few days.

The Economist’s article The Challengers takes a look at the new multinational companies that are evolving in the emerging markets. From the perspective that the Ford-Jaguar-Tata story brings, to the data on Developing countries cross-border M&A, it’s a fascinating study of how the world is changing right now.

CIO.com has a nice little article on how Sun Microsystems is leveraging Second Life to facilitate internal collaboration and social interaction.  The best quote provided in the mini-interview is: Up until now, Sun, like most companies, has used audio conferencing. We’ve used a little bit of video conferencing too, but a lot people working at home don’t have video because that’s their personal space. So we mostly use audio conferences. The problem with this is we’re not getting the social interaction and the informal brainstorming you’d get in person. We figured [we] can create a virtual world where you can begin to re-create that social interaction, and then we could really create a wonderful place to bounce ideas off each other, both as a group or just between two people.

We’ve talked about the potential for RFID tags (and related technologies) to bring about a lot of positive changes in business and society, while also creating some major concerns in terms of privacy (etc.). Think about both sides when you read this story about Ministers in Britain planning to implant RFID tags in prisoners.

While a lot of people in Western nations are focused on the rise of India and China as major exporters, one of the more interesting trends to watch is there trade with each other. This article in the Times of India sums up the situation nicely, and it will be interesting to see how India reacts.

The fact that confidence in many major financial institutions is going into the tank won’t surprise too many people in Second Life. To quote: “As of January 22, 2008, it will be prohibited to offer interest of any direct return on an investment (whether in Linden dollars or other currency) from any object, such as an ATM, located in Second Life, without proof of an applicable government registration statement or financial institution charter,” Linden Lab wrote on its blog Tuesday. “We’re implementing this policy after reviewing resident complaints, banking activities and the law, and we’re doing it to protect our residents and the integrity of our economy.”

The NY Times has a great article on “bruising Senate fight” over the Patent Reform Act of 2007. The quick version is that big firms are increasingly antsy about patent trolls and excessive leverage being given to small patent holders, while the “little guys” are worried about the big firms using their heft to trounce them.

Finally, Fred Vogestein has a great story in Wired entitled The Untold Story: How the iPhone blew up the Wireless Industry.

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