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Improving transportation security with a little wikinomics

Further to my earlier post, there is a nice article in FCW written by our friends at the National Academy of Public Administration. It lays out the benefits of collaboration in the public sector and references one of my favorite government 2.0 examples: the Transportation Security Administration’s Ideafactory – an idea marketplace for transportation security officers (the kind folks who marshal you through security at airports around the United States).

“At TSA, Hawley has launched an internal collaboration site, at least in part to provide a place where the 43,000 transportation security officers (TSOs) can share important information and techniques for improving the security of our country’s airports.

TSA’s Idea Factory is a secure intranet, restricted to registered users inside the agency. It has become an instant hit. Airport TSOs now share ideas for improving their workplace environment and strategies for making the traveling public more secure. Within a week of its launch, TSA employees had submitted more than 150 ideas, offered more than 650 comments and voted on ideas more than 800 times.”

Too bad it’s not open to the public — I’d love to know what kind of ideas they’re cooking up and I bet road-weary travelers like myself would have more than a few proposals for them to consider.

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