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Paul Artiuch
Thanks for the doll but I want your mobile phone

For years, we have been writing about how different today’s youths are compared to previous generations. The Net Generation, as we call those born between 1977 and 1994, has grown up as the internet and other technologies have matured. As a result they are often more comfortable using these tools than their parents.

But what about the generation after? Today’s kids are starting at an even earlier age. A recent article interviews a number of parents shopping for Christmas gifts. The consensus is that kids as young as one are demanding functioning technologies as opposed to traditional toys. A mother of one year old twins who purchased toy cell phones had to return them a few days later. “They know what a real cellphone is, and they don’t want a fake one,” she says. Another exasperated mother who refused her 6 year old’s wish to own a real laptop conceded that she might have to give in next year. A parent of a two year old says “We have a toy laptop for him, and he knows it’s a fake.” He prefers to play on the real one.

The toy industry is responding by incorporating more technology into their toys. On Amazon, 6 of the 9 best-selling toys for 5-7 years olds have technology built in. One of the hottest toys on the market is an electronic camera for children. Another is a starter computer for 3-6 year olds.

At this pace of adoption today’s kids will upstage the Net Generation as the true tech experts. It seems that future generations will not be defined by socio-political events (such as the G.I. Generation or the Baby Boom) but by the technologies that they master during their upbringing. Say hi to the Net Generation, the Mobile Generation or maybe the AI Generation.


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