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Business - Written by on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 18:22 - 2 Comments

Why do you play WoW?

Over the past year we have blogged on more than a few occasions about the MMOG World of Warcraft. How it has inspired solutions to email overload. How the U.S. player population is more than 4 times larger than the U.S. agricultural industry. We even talked about how the platform was being used to model the outbreak of infectious diseases.

More recently we have been looking at how playing WoW may be a valuable skill that employers will start looking for. There is even a group of CEO’s and venture capitalists that get together and play, they are apart of the We Know WoW guild. Ross Mayfield, founder of SocialText, and long time collaborator of New Paradigm is a member of the guild. He explains in an interview with ZDnet how he has even connected with a new client while playing the game. The clip goes on to mention that in the within the tech community WoW is becoming the new golf.

However, if hobnobbing with executives, fighting disease and building up your resume aren’t persuading you to play WoW, then this commercial just might push you over the edge.

Mr T. WoW Commercial – Watch more free videos

“I am Mr T and I’m a Knight-Elf-Mohawk”, how can you say no to Mr T?


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Naumi Haque
Nov 23, 2007 15:32

“Great” Mr. T ad spot, or “greatest” Mr. T ad spot. I’m still torn. I was looking around YouTube for some other Mr. T-endorsed products, and wouldn’t you know it, Mr. T is also a proponent of data center virtualization.

And, since it’s Friday afternoon, here’s a link to a great Snickers ad.

Brave New World | Alliance Community Blog
Dec 11, 2007 14:42

[...] life imitates art and, according to ZDNet and Wikinomics, World of Warcraft, the MMOG (Massive Multi-Player Online Game) is the new golf course. Tech [...]

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