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Business - Written by on Thursday, November 15, 2007 15:50 - 7 Comments

For those about to pretend to rock, we salute you …and offer a contest

Have you played Guitar Hero?

Guitar Hero III

It kinds of rocks. In fact, it’s about as cool as you can be while wielding a toy plastic guitar. (crickets)

I got hooked at my friend Joe Pine’s Authenticity conference; bought it immediately, now I have to give up my big screen TV to my wife, who is way better at it than I am. It does require some musical ability and dexterity. Did I mention that I am more of a “big ideas guy?” From Wikipedia:

A recent article on Salon.com argues that Guitar Hero is responsible for turning many people onto rock music and inspiring them to learn how to play guitar. The article also states that the games helped an 8-year old guitarist learn sensitivity to rhythm, as well as develop the dexterity and independent hand usage necessary to play the instrument

Out for the Xmas season is Guitar Hero III. Visit here for an example of the game play.

How does this effect you? If you can get a 5-star score on Hard or Expert on the song Misirlou and will be in the Toronto area on May 14, 2008, you have a gig, my friend. Apply in the comments section.


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Glen K. Amo
Nov 15, 2007 19:49

I have a regular guitar and cannot play Misirlou even on easy. And I have a PS1. Pity me.

Rex Lee
Nov 15, 2007 23:20

Well I checked out the video and I think I know what to put on my wishilist. Thanks for the post.

Mike Dover
Nov 22, 2007 12:25

After Xmas, we will now be a two-guitar household.

Sadly, I’ll be the “guy who gets to play bass”

Naumi Haque
Nov 23, 2007 15:54

And now, courtesy of Molson, you can play Guitar Hero at work, on your computer. http://www.molsoncanadian.ca/coldshots/ampedup.php
Of course they guy in the next office might wonder about the blaring rock music.

Mike Bodsworth
Nov 28, 2007 22:55

Absolutely Amazing!

As a singer and secret air guitar player (not so secret now!) this game is just fantastic!

I am a huge fan of the direction gaming has been taking the last few years. Educational and family focused games are becoming more popular and are actually exercising the minds of our children as opposed to wasting them away.

When I was younger, I remember not being allowed to own video game systems, because the variety of games were mostly violent or would lead to polluting my mind. However, when I have kids, I am definitely letting them play Guitar Hero all night long!

- Mike

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