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Tracking the next techPresident?

*This is a follow on to the post about Obama*

While the next President of the United States may not be determined by their Web 2.0 dominance, a site called techPresident.com is going to be keeping track. I alluded to CNN and Fox tracking MySpace popularity in my last post and to my surprise (although in the era of Web 2.0 I should have assumed someone would have already thought of and acted on the idea) I came across techPresident.com. Among other things the site is tracking candidate’s number of friends in MySpace (the democrats are way ahead here) Flickr photos and tags.

One of the more interesting articles that happened to be on the front page when I visited the site was a post called Googlection 2008. Michael Bassik wrote an interesting piece about how only 6 of the 17 major candidates have purchased key words and at the moment the Republicans hold the edge (4 to 2). Bassik goes on to talk about the importance of search, it’s a neat little post.

I am fascinated at how technology is and will continue to affect the democratic process in North America, but also in other countries around the world.

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